'Adventure' was the first song I’ve written for the EP. I think the first version even happened before August 2017. Back then I was inspired by a lot of Mr Bill’s music, so I tried to replicate some of his drum grooves which ended up being the drums for 'Adventure'. Mr Bill always finds weird names for his tunes, so I called the first version of the song 'Mc Hinkelberg’s Adventure', which I shortened to 'Adventure' in the end.
There are so many different parts and ideas in this song. I think it really shows the kind of melodies I hear in my head.

I didn’t touch this song for quite a while after starting it and honestly completely forgot about it, until I re-discovered the project months later. After the extremely busy season of high school exams, this was the first song I finished and now it is low key my favorite song on the EP. ;)


Composition & Production: That Nick
Mixing: That Nick & MSMastering
Mastering: MSMastering
Cover Art: Ashton Hinton