Cubicle Escape (ft. Max)

Max and I went to school together so we knew each other for a long long time, even before either of us started making music. Then, when Max started to get more into singing and playing the guitar I was already producing a bit of music. One afternoon we met up and he started writing some lyrics to an instrumental I made. At that time I didn’t have any experience in recording or working with vocals and neither of us had a proper microphone or a stand. So that afternoon we stacked a couple of cardboard boxes on top of each other and placed a Tascam DR-05 field recorder on top to record the vocals. Funny enough, Max’s performance was so good that we just decided to keep these recordings in the final version of 'Cubicle Escape'.


Every day alive, don't got a wife
I'm immovable while hanging in my cubicle
I’m renewable, I’m removable
This cubicle is my funeral
I’m a revelator on that escalator
On the boulevard of my own failure

Possibly on the edge of philosophy
Mostly inappropriate, but only an associate
Work life,
like a clock,
Only fun with knockout drops.


Composition & Production: That Nick
Vocals: Max Kohnert
Mixing: That Nick & MSMastering
Mastering: MSMastering
Cover Art: Ashton Hinton