Cubicle Escape EP

This EP starts with the title song 'Cubicle Escape' telling the story of a miserable corporate employee that feels stuck in his cubicle. Being confined by a set of walls, he decides to break out of his mundane reality.

The entire EP explores this concept and is supposed to be ignorant of any walls that there might be. This EP is the result of me making music that I want to hear. I hope that you enjoy some of these tunes as well. :)

Special Thanks

Thank you Marc Müller for listening to my many many demos. Thank you for building this website. Thank you for supporting my music project from the very start!

Thank you Martin Schattenberg for taking my music to the next level with your amazing mastering skills!

Thank you Ashton Hinton for being patient with me through the many iterations of the cover art!

Thank you Christoph Jahn for guiding me through the process of publishing my very first piece of music!